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Feature Description
Software Name InstaBot PRO
Purpose Automation software designed to enhance Instagram engagement by automating likes, searching for new followers, and attracting real followers interested in your content.
Key Functions – GET FOLLOWERS: Export followers of other profiles based on specific hashtags.<br> – AUTO FOLLOW: Automatically follows new people based on hashtags or similar accounts.<br> – AUTO UNFOLLOW: Deletes new followers not reciprocating.<br> – AUTO LIKE: Likes profiles based on hashtags or similar accounts.<br> – AUTO COMMENT: Comments on photos based on hashtags or similar accounts with customizable comments.<br> – AUTO DELAY: Random delay for operations to reduce account suspension risk.<br> – UNLIMITED ACCOUNTS: No account limit, use with all your accounts.
How it Increases Followers Utilizes the curiosity factor – automates likes, comments, and follows targeted accounts to increase interactions and attract new followers genuinely interested in your content.
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