Globo Mail Verifier


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Feature Description
Purpose Designed to verify email addresses, filtering and removing incorrect or non-existent emails. Ideal for optimizing email marketing lists to reduce bounce rates during campaigns.
Importance of Bounce Rate Bounce rate > 5% during a campaign can lead to delivery issues (possibly ending up in SPAM) and rejection by email marketing platforms due to a “dirty” list.
Functionality Thoroughly analyzes a list of email addresses, categorizing each as VALID or INVALID. Enables users to export only valid emails for targeted and efficient email marketing campaigns.
Installation Download and install on Windows PC (supports all Windows versions).
Free Demo Version Offers a free demo version allowing users to check 100 email addresses for each imported list.
Risk Mitigation Helps users avoid delivery issues and platform rejection by ensuring a clean email list. Reduces bounce rates, ensuring email marketing campaigns reach the intended audience effectively.
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